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About Us - Our Philosophy
Our lives are hectic, there’s never enough time, and we only grow more and more tired. Going shopping is a hassle with traffic, unknowledgeable sales help, the price of gas, etc. Who wants to do it on their day off?

And when you finally do make it to the mall on a Saturday afternoon, it is pouring rain, and the store doesn’t even have the size and color you are looking for. So you finally pick out something you like, somewhat, rush it over to the alteration lady, wear it a few times, then get it dry-cleaned, and somehow, it doesn’t even look like the same piece of clothing anymore.

You guess that over Thanksgiving, you must have gained a few pounds because by the time Hanukkah and Christmas rolled around, the skirt felt pretty uncomfortable.

Or you went to a wedding thinking you bought this cute outfit at a great price at Chico’s only to find three other guests wearing almost identical combinations. What an embarrassment! Does this sound familiar? Has this happened to you?

Well, I will not be able to solve every problem in your life, but I can take care of how 80% of your body looks, and ensure that you never experience these issues, ever again!

At Stijfselkissie, there is a method to our madness. I am trying to be everything to everybody. Maybe not the tightly tailored look a size 2 would wear, but no nonsense clothing that the average successful woman who may be slightly overweight, (60% of America’s women are a size 14 or higher, and European women are following closely behind---must be all the Tiramisu) does not exercise enough, (who does?) and really does not plan to become pencil thin, can find the answer to their problems with our clothing.

We always provide clothing that is comfortable, constructed with beautiful fabrics, timeless cuts, superb craftsmanship, and are totally individualized at a reasonable price.

All garments are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, and they will “grow and shrink” 20 pounds with you. Most pieces can go in a washer and dryer, are great for traveling, are mix-and-matchable, easy fitting, flowy, figure flattering, and very COMFORTABLE!

We keep a file on all of our regular customers, so we can keep track of what you own and make suggestions for future purchases. Every season we offer new pieces that coordinate with previous purchases so that you can keep adding on.

Word of mouth is our best advertising. We can already forsee the comments you will get on being so beautifully put together color and style wise. Wear our clothing to be a little but different, a little eccentric, not afraid to make a statement, and look timeless---that is, never in-style and never out of style. Stijfselkissie provides fashion without an expiration date. My greatest compliments are when customers come up to me and tell me they just came back from a cruise in the Mediterranean and wore a 20-year-old outfit of ours that got lots of compliments. Good return on investment, I like to call that (great phrase nowadays).

That about sums it up. It will be easier for past and current customers to figure out all the information contained within our web pages, but for new customers---we can send a sample package with some basic styles for you to try on before you order. Customer has to payshipping to them and shipping back.

Send us an email or leave us a message, and I will get back to you promptly. I am here to help and please you. We are one of the few designers in this country producing wearable art, to order, at a fair price, with excellent customer service and support.

Love You All,

Rick & Marijke Benedict

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